User Fields

Both the Create User and Edit User screens require a common set of input fields, as shown below:


These fields are described in detail in the following table:

Field Required Description
Name Mandatory The first name and the last name of the user.
Email Mandatory An email address that is regularly monitored by the user. This email address will also be entered on the Login screen, with an associated password, to grant access to the application.
Work Phone Optional A contact telephone number for the user at their workplace.
Cell Phone Optional A contact mobile phone number for the user.
Password Mandatory The password that the user will enter to access the application via the login screen.
Role Mandatory The user role controls access to the application. There are currently three available roles, which are:
  • General User - A user within an organisation that requires access to weather information.
  • Organisation Administrator - The nominated user within an organisation that can perform administration functions within the application in addition to accessing weather information.
  • Super User - A MetService staff member who is granted the highest level of administrative rights.

Each field is subject to validation, to prevent invalid information from being saved.