The Regional page provides an overview of weather products for a specific location.

This page contains weather information for stations within the selected region, the regional forecast, mountain forecast, coastal marine forecast, and inshore marine forecasts. In future, more products may be added to this view as appropriate.



Region Controller

The location displayed can be altered via the Region Controller:

Regional Controller


Use the North Island or South Island mini-maps to select a region you are interested in viewing information for. 

Once you have selected a region, five sections become available: 

• Weather Observation:

o A map of the region, showing the real time weather conditions displayed as icons on a map of New Zealand. The real time weather conditions are provided from our network of automatic weather stations and denoted on the map by a black station ring. Weather station data are generally updated every minute and displayed as an on-screen icon.

o Clicking on the on-screen observation icon will take you to the LOCAL section and will provide a range of additional observation and forecast information for this location.

• Regional Forecast:

o Table displaying a 5-6 day forecast for the region you have selected, with weather icon and text. 

• Mountain Forecast (if available for this region):

o Detailed five-day forecast for national parks within this region, including wind forecasts at various heights and the free air freezing level. 

• Coastal Forecast:

o Official MetService marine forecasts for coastal areas in the region. These forecasts focus on wind, sea state and swell.

• Inshore & Lakes Forecast:

o Forecasts for key inshore recreational marine areas and lakes in the region. These forecasts provide an indication of any marine warnings in place, a situation statement, forecast of wind, sea state, weather and swell as well as high tide times at key locations.