To access the application a valid username and password must be entered in the Login screen.

Login Error

The following message is displayed for an unsucessful login.

This message may be resolved in one of the following ways:

Bad Credentials

If the username or password provided is incorrect, a bad credentials error will be displayed. To resolve this issue, retype the correct username and password.

Locked Account

Once a user has entered an incorrect username or password three times their account becomes locked for 20 minutes. Any subsequent attempts to login to the account will be prevented. To resolve this issue the Organisation Administrator can unlock the user account via the Users screen or reset the account password via the Edit User screen.

Disabled Account

Each organisation is granted a certain number of licensed user accounts to access the application. To keep within license limits, which are based only on active accounts, there may be times where a user account is disabled by either the organisation administrator or a MetService Account Manager. To resolve this issue the Organisation Administrator can activate the user account via the Users screen or the MetService Account Manager can activate the organisation via the Organisations screen.

System Inconsistency

In the unlikely event of an internal inconsistency between the application database and authentication server, the application will print an error on login reading "Your login attempt was not successful, try again. Reason: No System User Role could be found with the user name". This message can only be resolved by MetService personnel, please contact the Help Desk.


Reset Password

If the user has forgotten their password they can use the Forgot your password? link, which opens the following dialog:

Enter a valid user email address to receive a link via email to the Reset Password screen, as below:

When the user saves a new password, this immediately replaces their previous password and can be used to login to the application.