Three Day Forecast

Another version of the station meteogram, that provides six hours of observed values and three days of forecast for the location of interest. Three Day Forecasts are computer generated and available in hourly resolution.  Forecast timings and values may differ from the official regional forecasts, which should take priority.

Again, we have provided meteograms for each of: 

• Temperatures (air temperature and dew point

• Humidity

• Wind speed

• Rainfall 


A forecast summary tab provides a table of hourly forecasts, extending three days into the future for the following parameters:

• Air temperature

• Dew point

• Humidity

• Wind direction

• Wind speed

• Rainfall accumulation 

You can use the Show x entries pull down menu to reduce the number of entries in this table. It defaults to ‘show all’. 



Three Day Forecasts can be accessed in three ways:

1. By clicking a Weather Observation widget displayed in the National or Regional map page

2. By clicking the More Details link in the Local Overview of the Three Day Forecast

3. By clicking the Three Day Forecast option in the left hand menu of the Local page

The temperature tab is displayed by default, there are also options to access humidity, wind speed, rainfall and a forecast summary.



Wind Speed


Forecast Summary